JAVEL® AQUATANK Water Purification Tablets for Water Tanks and Wells 


Water soluble chlorine tablets are an effective biocide, sporicidal, virucidal and fungicidal. They can be used for water disinfection in the tanks, wells, hydraulic systems, for water reservoirs disinfection on ships, yachts and tourist boats, as well as sanitization ventilation systems, air conditioning and industrial sanitizing fruits and vegetables.

Each tablet releases 1,5 g of active chlorine (150 ppm in 10 l of water) which is sufficient to disinfect 300 l of water.

Commercial package: 1 kg (300 tablets)

We are pleased to announce that JAVEL Polska has established cooperation with the Polish non-profit organization YORGHAS Foundation to increase access to clean and safe drinking water for children and women in Africa. Since April 2019, part of the profit from the sale of each pack of JAVEL tablets has been donated to support the Foundation, which saves pregnant women, mothers giving birth and newborns from death and diseases caused by poverty, lack of hygiene, access to clean water, health care and education in developing countries.

Every business entity, every person buying and using products bearing the JAVEL brand name helps us save more lives!

We encourage companies and individuals to support humanitarian and development projects for mothers and children in Africa: https://yorghas.org/get-involved/